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 Chippewa Valley Powder and Paint was established on  May 1st, 2016. Our team offers superior quality and  attention to detail on both spectrums of powder and  paint. We have over 15 years experience in  the powder coating field and 24+ years of experience  in the painting industry. We are the go-to place for  your powder coating  needs. We offer  sandblasting and complete removal of old finishes as  well. We work with industrial manufactures to  provide spec'd  products to the customer. Our facility  is capable of  coating a wide variety of materials and  surfaces. Our oven can  accommodate object  up to 20 feet long.  You can  be rest assured knowing  we offer quality protection  you can count on with  industry spec powder coating  regulations. We put  forth our best efforts to ensure  you receive a quality  finish every time. Here at CVPP  we care about our  customers, and our skilled  professionals are ready to  help you get the job done  right with great  satisfaction guaranteed.

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    Sandblasting options

​ We also offer sand blasting as its own service upon request. We will completely strip material down to  metal for re-coating. Contact us at 715-834-3131 if you would like further details. 

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