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 A high temperature ceramic coating application  that can take care of your headers or any other  part that reaches high temperatures.

We now also do Cerakote  painting which  is a polymer ceramic  composite coating  that can be  applied to metals, plastics,  and  wood. This is a liquid paint that can    withstand temperatures  up to 2100  degrees and unlike other liquid paint  is  very durable, abrasion resistant,  corrosion resistant, chemical  resistant,  and has incredible impact  strength. Our  main use of cerakote will be for use on  headers but we will also be able to use  this product for firearms. Cerakote is the  leading product used for coating and  finishing firearms. If you would like to get  a firearm redone we will need to have it  disassembled upon drop off. Although  cerakote is great for things such as headers and firearms, it is not limited  to that. It can be used for any application  requiring a thin durable finish.

 Cerakote leads the industry in consistency  in color, mil thickness, and finish.

 Exhaust systems oxidize and rot under normal conditions, but cerakote prevents oxidation and thermal fatigue extending the life of all your part​s.

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